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Ed Adams
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Palometa Club Trip

New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide Ed Adams

     All in all, this was a great trip, though not without its challenges. We had iffy weather all week long. Wind and clouds were pretty much the norm, but the biggest issues were the cold nights that were driving down water temps and fish off the flats. The last day I wore my fleece and jacket all day long (in Mexico!). Every day we would get in a 23' Panga and head out with our two guides, Gerardo and Julio. These guys were truly amazing, with eyes like eagles and skills to match.  They can all throw sixty feet with either hand. They worked hard for us, and we found fish most days. On one overcast day, in a a back bay with water like glass, we saw two large Permit (25-30lb) wallowing about. Julio and Ed pursued the first on foot while Gerardo poled me after the other. The sight of that huge sword of a tail arcing out the water made all the Permit hype justified, and then some. I made what I thought were some good shots, none of which spooked the fish, but stripping the fly rather near his nose finally sent him running.  Every day we went to very different venues, sometimes back through mangrove mazes to reach hidden lagoons, sometimes to freshwater canals that ran to the sea, (here we saw crocodiles and tarpon), and other times poling the blue coastal flats for bones and fishing structure for snook. 

    The lodge experience was wonderful. The Palometa Club is the first place I have ever been to that I couldnt find someting that needs improving upon. I tried, but the place runs like clockwork and everything is thought of. The food was so good that my dad, upon getting back and stepping on the scale, has declared the thing broken and avoided it all week. I was smart and never stepped on in the first place. We are looking at a low of 3 degrees for tonight and got six inches of snow last night, so the Pike fishing will will have to wait another week.  I for one wish I was still experiencing the cold in Ascension Bay.


Cimarron [] Conejos [] Costilla [] Culebra
Red River [] Rio Grande
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