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Rio Grande Fly Fishing Reports

Last Updated: 02:40pm Saturday, February 06th

There is still a lot of ice on the upper river but we did see a few pike exhibiting spawning behavior in the shallows so the spawn should start soon. The post-spawn period is the highlight of spring pike fishing and we are looking at mid February to late March as the best opportunities for this year. Pilar area may start a bit sooner.

CIMARRON:Over until Spring

RED RIVER: 30-60cfs in the canyon. Very good looking water as we fished it on 1/25. It was closer to 30cfs and as low as we have seen it in a while. There were some nicer Cutbos hanging in the deeper runs and we took a few to 17" on nymphs. The resident fish were missing in action and didn't seem to be eating while we were there. Trails are a bit snowy but doable. We did see a couple of Baetis. Fishing on the Red should improve in February as it usually does.

RIO GRANDE:296cfs in Cerro and 450cfs in Pilar. Water temps are around 40* so trout fishing is marginal at best. Pike angling should start to improve in February especially in the Pilar area. On the upper river ice is the main factor and we will be keeping an eye on it.

COSTILLA: They shut the dam so only possibility is down by Aurilios 586-2496 near Costilla.

RIO PUEBLO: 21cfs. Barely fishable at this flow.

EMBUDO: 36cfs. Spring.

CONEJOS: 7cfs from Platoro and 50cfscfs in Mogote. Pretty much over until the Super Fly '10. Conejos River Anglers 719-376-5660.

Los Pinos: 30cfs. Too low

CULEBRA: Low flows and some action on small dries [midges] and small nymphs [midge larva, pupa]

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Cimarron [] Conejos [] Costilla [] Culebra
Red River [] Rio Grande
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