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2002 Cimarron River Fly Fishing Report Archives

The Cimarron flows out of Eagle Nest Lake and is an irrigation impoundment like the Costilla. The releases here are "on demand" so there is no predicting what the flow will be on any given day. Best flows are betwween 15 and 50cfs. Some of the water in Eagle Nest Lake is also owned by the downstream towns of Springer and Raton which uses the water to supplement their domestic water supply. The Cimarron River is a roadside stream with easy access but unlike the Rio Costilla is very brushy. The fish here are mainly Brown trout to 16" and stocked Rainbows. This stream also gets a lot of fishing presure and isn't recommended on weekends.

April: I fished the Cita on 4/20 & 4/25 at 42cfs and the temps were 45-55* over the day and on 4/20 and never got over 52* on 4/25. Good fishing was limited to a few hours in the middle of the day. We fished a big dry {doesn't matter the pattern} and a cased Caddis dropper.

May: The last half of the month was good on the Cita and flows were 20-40cfs over that period.. I fished the Cita twice on 5/22 & 5/31 and the Holy Water on 5/28. It can get windy this time of year and that can make casting tough.. Best dry fly action so far was on the Cita on 5/31 at 20cfs.Stimulator#12 and Para-Adams #16. On 5/31 water temps got up to 68* in the afternoon.

June: Lots of dark clouds and some rain kept water temps from getting totally out of wack. On sunny days water temps got up to 72* {OUCH} and fishing shut down. The Stonefly hatch was right on time on 6/1 and we fished the Philmont on 6/1 & 6/2 with client and between 4 anglers they got 150 fish, all on dries. On 6/1 the flow was 20cfs and clouds kept the temps down..Stonefly action continued good thruout the month.

July: Flows were between 10-20cfs most of the month and I was on the Cita a lot. We got welcome clouds on most days but the temps still crept over 70* a few times. The best fishing was in the morning and up to 2pm and again after 6pm til dark.Caddis was the dry fly this month and as the water temp got over 65* we added a dropper.

August: Flows increased and stayed between 20-40cfs as the downstream farmers neede their irrigation water.. Fishing was greater than I expected this month as maybe the Brown trout are acclimating to the higher temps. Last year when it got up to 68* it was time to quit but this year fishing was fair to 70* with droppers. The fish on the Cita really earned their keep this year as fishing elsewhere was poor.

September: I only fished the Cita on 9/2 & 9/6 as the Rio Grande turned on early this year. Flows were 20cfs and we had a nice Trico {Para-Adams #18} hatch in the morning. Afternoon fishing picked up as the temps improved.

October: No Reports

Cimarron River Fly Fishing Reports

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Cimarron [] Conejos [] Costilla [] Culebra
Red River [] Rio Grande
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