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2003 Cimarron River Fly Fishing Report Archives

The Cimarron flows out of Eagle Nest Lake and is an irrigation impoundment like the Costilla. The releases here are "on demand" so there is no predicting what the flow will be on any given day. Best flows are betwween 15 and 50cfs. Some of the water in Eagle Nest Lake is also owned by the downstream towns of Springer and Raton which uses the water to supplement their domestic water supply. The Cimarron River is a roadside stream with easy access but unlike the Rio Costilla is very brushy. The fish here are mainly Brown trout to 16" and stocked Rainbows. This stream also gets a lot of fishing presure and isn't recommended on weekends.

May: Flows were 23cfs in the last week of the month and temps were good at 53-58*. I saw a few Stoneflies on 5/24 and we got a few on the Stimulator #12 but its not Prime yet.

June: Flows were 15-25cfs most of the month and water temps were getting into the mid 60*s by mid afternoon. Fishing was excellent with Stimulator #12 as the Stonefly hatch was in full bloom. On 6/17 a client took a 17" Brown on the Cita with a dry Stone. In late June flows dropped to around 10cfs and you had to cast long to not spook the fish. Temps were a problem on sunny days in the afternoon.

July: I didn't fish here in the first half of the month as flows were low {10cfs} and temps high {high 60*s}. In the last week of July flows were up to 35cfs and fishing improved on Caddis patterns with a cased Caddis dropper. We started using a longer dropper {24"} and that seemed to work well in the afternoon. We got some welcome clouds and rain in the last week of the month also.

August: Flows remained at 35cfs for the first week of August and fishing was good on Caddis patterns. On 8/6 flows increased to 60cfs and this was too high to fish in the Public section but was quite good down on the Cita where the water can spread out a little. On 8/12 the flow increased again to 93cfs and wading was impossible in the Public water and a few of the beaver dams in the Quality Water blew out and made the lower river too murky to fish. On 8/20 with the flow reading on the internet at 15cfs I was driving down to the Cita and the flow looked considerably larger than even the 93cfs last week. We fished the Cita all morning and at lunch lots of dirty water came down and ruined our afternoon. It takes 5 hours for water to get from the dam to Ute Park. Flow was up to 150cfs as Raton and Springer were having trouble with their domestic water supplies.

September: The lows were back to a manageable 20cfs early in the month and with cooler temps fishing picked up. There was a nice Trico hatch about 9am most mornings anf fish were taking a Para-Adams #18.

October: Flows remained at 20cfs thru the middle of the month and by the 15th the Browns were actively spawning on the Cita. The Trico hatch continued in the morning and fishing was steady most days with no drop off in the afternoon. We saw a Bald Eagle take a real nice Brown off of a redd. I guess he didn't know it was all Catch+Release there.

Cimarron River Fly Fishing Reports

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