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2000 Conejos River Fly Fishing Report Archives

The Conejos is the largest tributary to the Rio Grande. It flows out of Platoro Resevoir which at over 10,000' elevation is the highest man made impoundment in the USA. Its flow is augmented by numerous smaller tributaries that drain surrounding areas. This drainage historically gets a lot of snow and rain and runoff often continues into July with the best fishing being usually from early July thru September. Recently with successive mild, dry winters the best fishing has often been in June and July. Low flows and high water temps has made August and September less predictable.

June: Flows were 200-400cfs and best fishing was again on the Flywater along Hiway #17 with Stimulator #10 and Geen Drake # 10 dry flies. they hit the dry pretty good in the middle of the day and early and late droppers produced best. On 6/20 the flow was 100cfs from Platoro and fishing the Pinnacles we had a great day { 4 over 17" and lots of Browns 13-16"}. I lengthened the dropper to 24" and this seemed to work well.

July: On 7/1 and 7/2 we fished the Pinnacles at 100cfs from Platoro. This is about the highest flow you can navigate in the Pinnacles but it also keeps out the less adventurous anglers. The fish in this pocket water stretch don't rise like they do on the lower river and a dropper is essential. You need a large dry that floats well with Beadhead dropper {Prince-Copper John-Caddis emerger}Best fish was a 19" Cutbo but the main attraction here are Browns 13-17" and we got a bunch of those. On 7/12 and 7/13 we had fair days at 80cfs that ended early due to the onslaught of summer afternoon monsoon conditions which muddied up the flow. You need to bring rain gear as you are often quite a distance from shelter. Another must have item is mosquito repellant as the bugs get bad especially on dark days. Later in the month flows were down to 30cfs from Platoro and the best fishing was in the Pinnacles and above. Water temps in the lower river were near 70* on suuny days and fishing was poor. . In the Pinnacles and above water temps got into the high 60*s by mid afternoon and fishing predictably slowed down.

August: We fished the Hamilton lease on 8/5 and the Rocky Mt. Angler lease on 8/6. We had a good day on on the Hamilton lease and started at 8am to minimize the effect of high afternoon temperatures. We started later the next day on the Rocky Mt. lease and didn't do as well as this section is just above the Rainbow Trout Lodge and here temps were in the high 60*s by 2pm. On 8/24 and 8/25 at 40cfs from Platoro we fished above the Pinnacles and clouds kept the temps in the low 60*s both days and fishing was good most of the day. No big fish but a bunch of 13-16" Browns on D&D rigs.

September: Flows were down to 30cfs and only the Pinnacles and above were fishable and fishing was only fair.

Conejos River Fly Fishing Reports

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