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2001 Conejos River Fly Fishing Report Archives

The Conejos is the largest tributary to the Rio Grande. It flows out of Platoro Resevoir which at over 10,000' elevation is the highest man made impoundment in the USA. Its flow is augmented by numerous smaller tributaries that drain surrounding areas. This drainage historically gets a lot of snow and rain and runoff often continues into July with the best fishing being usually from early July thru September. Recently with successive mild, dry winters the best fishing has often been in June and July. Low flows and high water temps has made August and September less predictable.

June: June saw a lot of runoff from the tributaries but levels in Platoro were low from lack of precipitation and at Mogote the flow was 600cfs and blow the Pinnacles it was 350cfs.. Wading was tough everywhere and best fishing was along the dges. Stoneflies were around by 6/10 and best fishing was in the Flywater along Hiway #17. Crossing the river at this flow was impossible.

July: By early July the flow was down to 260cfs below the Pinnacles and altho wading was difficult it was doable for the adventurous angler. We had good days on the Hamilton Lease on 7/6 and 7/7 with D&D Rigs with a Stimulator #10 with a Prince or Caddis emerger #14 about 24" below the dry.. We also got some nice fish with a #8 Peacock Stonefly nymph fished with an indicator in the deeper runs. In the second half of July flows were down to 90cfs and we fished the Pinnacles with Caddis #12 with a Caddis emerger dropper. The dry fly fishing was excellent and there were a lot of Caddis around all day most days.

August: Fishing remained consistant and flows stayerd around 90cfs until later in the month when they rose to 130cfs. Wading was tough at 130cfs in the Pinnacles and above. Below the Pinnacles fishing was good with Caddis patterns. For rising fish a Para-Adams #14 or 16 worked well. Good flows and cloudy days kept the water temps in the good range {50-65*}.

September: Flows remained in the 90-130cfs range for the first half of the month but fishing wasn't as good as in August.

Conejos River Fly Fishing Reports

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