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2001 Rio Costilla Fly Fishing Report Archives

The Valle Vidal section of the Costilla opens on July 1st to facilitate elk calving in the park. Flows on the Costilla are regulated from Costlla Resevoir for irrigation downstream and unlike other irrigation impoundments they have a schedule of releases. High flows are Monday-Thursday and low flows from Friday-Sunday.. Flows between 30-100cfs are best but high flows have often been higher than 100cfs and low flows less than 30cfs.

July: High flows were around 100cfs most of the month and low flows were around 25cfs. Fish were very active on weekdays, possibly because of overcast weather on the best days. These fish like low light situations and the lack of shade makes bright, sunny days tougher. On weekends the fish seemed to be in the faster water, probably using the current for cover. On low flow days it paid to fish this type of water {riffles}that we passed by on high flow days. Fishing these riffles worked well on weekends with small Hoppers.

August: Flows were around 60cfs on weedays and 30cfs on weekends. Like July, fishing the faster riffles was effective on weedends with Hoppers and on weekends the slower water with a Hopper-dropper combo. There was less pressure this month than on previous Augusts and fishing was good thru the month.

Sepember: On 9/11, the day of the WTC attack, the flow was 110cfs, the highest flow since July, but fishing was poor as I think clients were disstracted by the events of the day. On 9/15 they shut off the flow and fishing ended for the year.

Rio Costilla Fly Fishing Reports

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Cimarron [] Conejos [] Costilla [] Culebra
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